Monday, May 16, 2011

Long time since last post

Since the last post a lot has happened for the gentlemen of Lambda Chi Alpha.  The Lambda Chis of Mizzou, took a first place finish in Greek Week.  Out competing other fraternities and sororities, from everything to sports to service, and everything in-between.  The greek week success was followed by a division one fraternity 1st place finish in sports.  We also say goodbye to our wonderful seniors who have graduated this past week.

A couple of individual shot outs to members this past spring:  Associate member Charlie Stoltze was named as one of Mizou's top 14  freshman.  Brother Jake Wren was named a Director of Greek Week for 2012.  Also Brother Ben Carrier was recognized on Mizzou's famous tap day by ODK.

This summer festivities include the annual float trip, and planning watermelon fest which is set for October 1st.  Also Lambda Chi is working with the RSVP center to revamp the Greek Advocate organization aimed to reduce and prevent power based personal violence among the greek community at Mizzou.  

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